Party Party Don't be Naughty… Remove that makeup before your head hits the sack

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So we are all getting ready for the biggest time of the Year! The means Christmas Parties, Ugly Sweater Parties ( my fav ), Small gatherings you get my drift…..

Girl take that make up off, don't even look at that pillow till its off !!!!! Why ?
This will age you, not only breakdown collagen in the skin, dry you out, and keep that dirt and pollution on your skin…ewwww….

  • Do you want DULL skin? I don’t….Your Skin needs to repair and renew itself overnight, this will allow you to wake up with a more vibrant complexion in the AM. When you leave your makeup on you do NOT allow for the skin renewal process, even worse it will settle into your lines and creases…. who wants to wake up to that?
  • Most makeup is OIL based , this can clog your pores to high heaven!!!Leading to pimples and sleeping on it will actually contribute to breakouts….blackheads, clogged pores etc…You get my drift
  • And don't even get me started on eye makeup…. some like to skip the face wash cause its just eye makeup they ware wearing…..LOL….Been there and done it a few time!!!! I know myself the mascara irritates me and leaves a burning feeling. Horrible….Wash that Sh**off!!! Say no to eye infections full STOP

Enjoy the Party but Don't skip a quick cleanse and serum or moisturizer before bed.. Your skin will thank you in the morning even if your head doesn’t 😉

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