IPL/Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Systems create a wide spectrum of pulsed light wave lengths like a light bulb. This wider range means that only some of the wavelengths will target the hair. While Lasers send out a single beam of light, IPL systems send out a whole spectrum of light. IPL is not as strong as laser which can mean less efficacy in treatments if used for hair removal.

Alpha’s 3D IPL is the next generation technology when it comes to Skin Rejuvenation

The Alpha is designed for those wanting a more even complexion, appearing instantly brighter and with a healthy glow. IPL is a wide spectrum light emitted by a xenon flash tube, producing calibrated pulsed light. The energy is absorbed by substances called chromophores (targets), contained in the skin. These chromophores are then destroyed, creating a healing response which can be seen as improved collagen and elastin, lightening of pigmented lesions and reduction of skin redness.

This treatment is indicated to improve sun-damage, sunspots, facial vessels, skin redness and overall skin rejuvenation as a photo facial. The 3D IPL treatment will provide you with accelerated results.

For the Best Outcome

We recommend 2-6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. A couple of tips – always wear sunscreen & Image Skincare Intense Brightening Creme.  Another option with IPL is alternating with a Chemical Peel.


Redness can be expected on the day of the treatment. Pigment may appear darker before lifting from the skin. Full recovery is usually achieved in 4-7 days.

If this is your first 3D IPL treatment with us, a patch test will be required 24 hours before your appointment. Please call the clinic to book a test patch before booking an appointment.


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