Laser Hair Removal


Tired of shaving, tweezing, waxing....? Laser hair removal is quick, effective, and a pain-free solution to getting rid of unwanted hair! At SoElla's we use the Soprano from Alma Laser and the Alpha by Formatek. Both use the best medical grade technology available in todays market. 

Unlike some technologies commonly used, the diode's IN-MOTION technology is unique as it means it never in one spot for too long. It gradually heats up the hair follicles as its constantly moving over the treatment area. Most clients say that the treatment is similar to a warm stone massage.

Our machines also utilize ICE /Sapphire Tip cooling technology. This cools the skin during the treatment to minimize any risks of burns on the skin surface while maintaining heat within the dermis where the hair follicles are treated. This increases your comfort for the treatmentstion Therapy, the micro channels produced by the procedure allow topical gels and serums to be applied more effectively into the skin for further healing and skin rejuvenation. 

How It Works

Laser works when the hair pigment(melanin) absorbs the heat from the laser, which then damages the follicle and inhibits regrowth. The darker the hair the easier it is to treat since the laser is targeting the hair's pigment. This is why you can not treat with ANY  grey, white, blonde or red hair as it does not contain the same pigment found in darker hairs. This is when electrolysis would be the best solution.

Typically laser is a minimum of 6 treatments to see long lasting results. Treatments are spaced out a minimum 4wks apart depending on the area. Although you require several treatments, results can be seen is as little as one treatment. It is important to stay on track with appointments so that all hair follicles in each stage of growth are targeted.

Your Medical Aesthetician will go through a thorough consultation to ensure you are a candidate for laser and to develop a treatment plan.



Upper Lip $55
(cheeks, beard line, neck, unibrow)
Chin $55
Jawline $70 BODY
Face ( 3 areas) $120 Abdomen $140
Chest $140
BODY Chest & Abdomen $220
Areolas $50 Full Back $225
Forearms $120 Forearms $160
Full Arms $199 Full Arms $225
Underarms $85 Shoulders $120
Bikini $79 Half Legs $200
French Bikini $95 Full Legs $300
Brazilian $140 Balls N All $199
Half Legs $185 Buttocks $150
Full Legs $250 Underarms $99