Permanent Makeup



What are Nano Brows? They are beautiful individual, delicate strokes. They are meant to mimic the natural appearance of hair and to blend seamlessly with the brow hairs. These are not to be confused with micro blading. These strokes are made with a machine and have a longer lasting duration on the skin. Our strokes are made with a very fine needle configuration at a controlled depth.

Advantages of Nanobrows:

  1. Nanobrows’ result is natural and because they are drawn on the real hair strokes or in the same direction, they are not recognizable from the real hair strokes.
  2. This technique is done with nano-size needles and gives a better shape to strokes.
  3. Due to using of a machine, the pigments are done more superficially than microblading and this causes less pain and bleeding.
  4. Less risk of scar creation on the skin because of the lower depth of the pigments.
  5. The result stays longer than the microblading with the higher quality.
  6. It is appropriate for all skin types, in oppose to microblading which does not work on oily skins.
  7. Using fewer passes during the treatment in comparison with other techniques.

How long do Nanobrows last?

The same as other permanent makeup methods, the longevity of the Nanobrows depend on many factors such as skin type and weather conditions, however, it lasts between 1.5 to 2.5 years on average.
The huge difference and privilege of that over microblading is that if the strokes are not touched up and in a long run, the lines are faded, and they do not turn into a shade at all.

How much do Nanobrows cost?

As a new nanobrowartist I am offering an intro price  $150  for the first session. The touch-up session for Nanobrows is $100. Please not there will be a price increase in the late spring. $375 for first session and touch up $150 

Please note this will take up to 3-3.5hrs.

*Consultations must be booked prior to actual procedure*

Must not be pregnant or nursing.

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